7 Types of YA Book Covers

Because lets face it, we do judge a book by it’s cover. I mean who doesn’t love pretty covers to look at while we spend hours admiring our bookshelves. Unfortunately these cover cliche’s tend to fill up most of our bookshelves, with most ya authors picking a trope from the list for their cover. Is it a mandatory requirement to be able to publish a YA book or what?

1. The show off my weapons cover

You’ve got to love a bad-ass female character with a sword, especially when it’s super hot assassin Celaena Sardothien, but then you get covers like the Winner’s Crime where the girl looks like she wouldn’t even know the first thing about wielding that sword. I mean seriously, that is not how you hold a sword.

throneofglass cover      the winners crime book cover

2. The dramatic fall through the sky cover

Extra points if it includes wings or another angelic feature.

hush hush cover        Lady midnight cover

3. The eye cover

Behold these eye-catching covers because authors seem to have a fixation with the human eye.

Shatter_Me cover      delirium cover

4. The symbolic cover

The symbol that makes zero sense until you’ve finished the book, oh and its usually circular and means that you’re special!

hunger-games-cover      divergent cover

5. The girl in a pretty dress cover

In dystopian settings it’s hard to believe that characters can get away with wearing big dresses while fighting off the oppressive monarchy/government.

the selection cover     the jewel cover

6. The mysterious hooded figure cover

Authors know how to intrigue a bookworm by including a hooded cloak in a mystical setting.

TheMagiciansGuild cover      hunted cover

7. The beautiful crown cover

What better way to tell readers that the book revolves around a monarchy (which usually includes sibling rivalry for the crown)

three dark crowns cover   RedQueen cover

If this doesn’t sum up every YA bookworm’s bookshelf then I don’t know what will.


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