About the author

IMG_1804   “I spent my life folded between the pages of books”

 I’m Cydney Harding, an obsessed bibliophile, who wouldn’t survive without the brilliance of a well written book. I’ve been known to have a few rules regarding my books because some people do not know how to respect them properly. I mean WHAT KIND OF A MONSTER DOG EARS A PAGE OR OPENS A BOOK SO WIDE THEY BEND THE SPINE. So if you ever happen to see a girl who is completely lost in a book she is reading and has only opened the book a tiny bit as not to ruin the spine then it’s probably me. Oh and you’ll never catch me with an e-reader because the feeling and smell of a classic paperback can’t be beat by anything. Although it is exceedingly infuriating when a series aren’t always the same height or are a mix of paperback and hardback. WHY, why do authors allow their publishers to do this?!?

As you can see I am extremely passionate about books so get ready for many more rants as I share my opinions on the thousands of books I’ve read.

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